This is my little corner of the internet! Here I will blog on mathy/programmery bits, and show off some of my work.


The making of a LaTeX pre-processor with Haskell - Part II

16 February 2015

In the previous part, the progam could parse text for emphasized and bold characters. So there’s some functionality, except that it doesn’t do anything useful like produce output. In this part, I’ll implement parsing links Markdown stlye (this is really more of an implementation of Markdown than anything else at the moment), and then turn the parsed text into something useful!

Fixing Samba file permissions issues on my Raspberry Pi

16 February 2015

This weekend I attempted to mount a usb drive into my Raspberry Pi and set up a Samba share so that I could dump files into it over the network. The problem was that the share was visible in windows explorer, but any attempts to enter it would encounter an “you do not sufficient permissions” error.

The making of a LaTeX pre-processor with Haskell - Part I

24 January 2015

I’ve written a decent amount LaTeX from relatively simple documents such as math assignments and essays, and longer more involved documents such as thesis’s and CV’s. In writting these simple documents I often find the LaTeX syntax a bit too much, such as having to emphasis text as \emph{italic text} and the syntax for lists being somewhat verbose. So I plan on writting a pre-processor using the Parsec library to acheive something similar do Jekyll’s system of using markdown for content, and yaml headers for additional information.


Quick Folder Cloner

A simple program to copy folders to multiple directories. Useful if you frequently backup small folders on a regular basis (such as a thesis) and don't want to bother with using a command line script.